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 ————————————- OCT 2011 ————————————-

Chantal Paydar Foundation
Peace, Justice and Conflict Resolution
“A night of Social Awareness”

October 12, 2011

6pm -10pm

Courtyard by Marriott San Diego Airport/Liberty Station
2592 Laning Road
San Diego, CA 92106

Admission: $40
All proceeds benefit the Chantal Paydar Foundation

Featured  Presenters


Sister Pauline Acayo (Uganda)

Sister Pauline Acayo is head of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Uganda’s Northern Region. Among her many accomplishments, Sister Pauline helped to reintegrate into the community over 5,000 child soldiers and 2,500 formerly abducted people through traditional reconciliation methods. Sister Pauline joined CRS in 1998, after witnessing the daily suffering of her people in northern Uganda.  In her own life, Sister Pauline has narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA), and lost family and friends to killings and abductions. Her work has centered on helping children and young adults who have escaped abduction to overcome the profound psychological trauma of their experience.  Sister Pauline coordinates a radio program for a Community Resilience and Dialogue peace building project. Sister Pauline’s most recent initiative focused on mitigating land conflicts in Northern Uganda.  In 2005, she was selected as the woman peacemaker of the year by the Institute for Justice and Peace at the University of San Diego.  Sister Pauline is the recipient of the 2010 Outstanding Leadership Award from the International Development Committee of the Association for Conflict Resolution.

George Gachara (Nairobi Kenya)

George Gachara is a youth worker, an author, and has led numerous initiatives for the United Nations Development Program, the British council. George’s community work has been recognized by many national and international organizations.  He has addressed the World Economic Forum, Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), as well as the International Peace and Security Institute. George continues to be involved in numerous other initiatives in Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. In addition, George is a co-convener of the “Plan B” national movement in Kenya, a fellow of the International Youth Foundation, and the recipient of  the 2011 Outstanding Leadership Award from the International Development Committee of the Association for Conflict Resolution.

Documentary Photo Exhibition

Give Me A Sign is a documentary-photo-survey project and social experiment from Kenya.  The Give Me A Sign project was designed to provide a safe space and forum in which young people can freely voice their concerns without fear of intimidation or harassment, a phenomenon that is all too common in Kenya.  The exhibit provides a glimpse of the current social climate around the country in an unedited and unbiased format.  The organizers along with a team of field coordinators and volunteers,  visited ten of the towns that were hit worst by the election violence that ravaged Kenya in 2007-2008  (Nairobi, Nyeri, Nanyuki, Nakuru, Molo, Eldoret, Kisumu and Mombasa).  In these towns, the Give Me A Sign team interviewed fifty random young people, asking questions and photographing the respondents with their answers written by themselves on large sheets of paper.  This format allowed the participants  to share their experiences, concerns, and opinions on a myriad of  social, economic, and political issues that affects their lives with other young people.

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